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Fiberglass and Acrylic Tub & Whirlpool Repair

   The Tub Surgeon is owned by Tom & Sandy Ince of Murphysboro. Tom and Sandy have been in the fiberglass, acrylic tub and whirlpool repair business since 1997. Tom has gone to Pennsylvania for training, and Tom and Sandy both went to Three Rivers Michigan for additional training with the Lasco Bathware company.

   The Tub Surgeon represents many of the major tub manufacturers, doing the warranty repairs and general repairs for most of the area retailers and wholesalers, as well as contractors, plumbers and individuals throughout Central Illinois, Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri.

Travis Ince & Tom Ince

Trouble getting in and out of your tub/shower?

   Do you have trouble getting over the side of your tub/shower? The Tub Surgeon can create a shower-only for you in one day! The process involves the removal of a portion of the side that leaves only 5 or 6 inches to step over. The new opening is braced, filled and finished to match the rest of the unit. 48 hours later, you're back in your shower!  Without removing it!

Transform it!

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Turn your old tub/shower into an easy-access shower!

We can fix nicks, dings, cracks, stains, scratches & dull finishes! Call us today!

Markets Include:
 · apartments · hotels · motels · schools · nursing homes · residential homes · offices · 
. . and More!

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Phone: 618-687-2824
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